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In order to better assist you please send the following information to Coyotezon@qwestoffice.net with subject line New Quote or call 505-281-7385.

  • What is being moved? (Mobile home)
  • What year.
  • Does it have tires, axles, and a hitch?
  • What is the width and length?
  • Type of skirting (wood, vinyl, etc.) (If attached there is an additional fee for removal)
  • Is the A/C attached. (If attached there is an additional fee for removal)
  • Is there a deck attached.(If attached there is an additional fee for removal) 
  • Where is the home currently and where is it being moved to.(Must have a Legal physical address)

In order for Coyote Transport to legally move your home you will need;

  • A CURRENT tax release.
  • If your home is being moved to private land you must have a LAND USE PERMIT.

Either of these can be obtained through your county assesors office.